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Darkhax is a software developer from Canada who has been creating free Minecraft mods for over 14 years. This site aims to provide comprehensive documentation and guides for all of Darkhax’s mods, helping you get the most out of your modded Minecraft experience!

Our Mods

Darkhax develops a broad range of mods that cater to different aspects of Minecraft gameplay. Whether you’re looking to enhance the survival experience, add new mechanics, or customise the game completely, we have something for everyone. Each mod is crafted with care, ensuring high quality and compatibility with other mods.

Downloading Mods

These mods are only available on CurseForge and Modrinth. Other websites offering downloads for these mods are not authorized and are best avoided. Other sites often contain misleading information or even malware! These malicious websites will often claim to have newer versions or better features, they are trying to trick you. If you are desperate for a newer version, please be patient and wait for an official release.

Contact Us

Have questions or need support? Feel free to reach out on our Discord. Please keep in mind that these mods are provided for free and all support is offered by volunteers. We aim to help everyone but you are not entitled to support or their time. It may take a few days to receive a response and support may be denied if you are being rude or breaking our Discord rules.