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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the Darkhax Documentation site, our website, and other related services operated by us that link back to this policy. We reserve the right to revise, modify, and amend this policy at any time and in any manner.


If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or our related services you may contact us on our Discord server.

Personal Data

In order to provide this service we collect personal data from users. We will only collect data that is necessary to provide a feature or service, including the continued maintenance and operation of this website. This data will be stored, processed, and shared as outlined in this privacy policy.

Data Types

We classify personal data into the following categories.

Necessary Data

We collect personal data as a natural consequence of providing a feature or service. For example, our access logs may store IP addresses and the requests you make to our servers. We may also use cookies to store user preferences.

Processed Data

Personal data that we collect may be processed to produce anonymized aggregate data. For example we may use IP addresses and user agents to calculate the number of unique users based on approximate geographical area. Another example would be tracking page views for different pages on the website. This data has been depersonalized and can not be linked to an individual user.

Third Party Data

We integrate third party services that are governed by their own privacy policies. These third party services operate independently and may collect and process personal data without our input or oversight. You can learn more about these third party services in our detailed information section.

Retention Time

We only retain personal data for the duration of time necessary to provide the related features and services unless a longer retention period is required. A longer retention period may be required in the following situations.

  • Complying with legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Preventing fraud or abuse.
  • Financial record keeping.

Child Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using our services. If you learn that a child has provided us with personal information in violation of this policy you can alert us using a listed contact method.

Sale & Transfer

Personal data collected by this website will not be sold to third parties. In some cases we may share personal data with third parties when necessary to provide a feature or service. We may also share anonymized aggregate data which has been stripped of all personally identifying information and can not be linked to an individual user in any reasonable capacity. Third parties are subject to their own privacy policies.

Detailed Data Usage

Analytics & Usage Data

This website tracks a number of analytical data points. This data is used to help us monitor the platform for issues or abuse. This information may also be processed to create anonymized statistics that we use to improve or market our services. This data includes IP addresses, user agents, pages viewed, and activity timestamps.

Google Services

This website uses a number of services offered by Google. For example, we may embed a YouTube video as part of our documentation on a project. We may also use Google Analytics to help monitor our site traffic. The Google services are bound by Google’s privacy policy.


This website uses Discord as the central hub for communication, discussion, and support. We may process data from Discord to monitor and gauge activity over time. Discord is a third party service and is bound by their own privacy policy.


This website uses many Cloudflare services to improve the security and reliability of our services. For example we use Cloudflare to cache and proxy our traffic which protects our servers from malicious attacks while improving the general availability of our services. We also use Cloudflare to manage and provide our DNS records and manage our HTTPS certificates. Cloudflare is bound by their privacy policy.


We use GitHub to host and manage the source for our services. We also use GitHub to provide our issue trackers and power site features like the “Last Updated” timestamp and the “Edit page” button. GitHub is bound by their privacy policy.


We use CurseForge to host our Minecraft projects. Data, services, and downloads from CurseForge may be embedded to enhance the user experience. CurseForge is owned and operated by Overwolf and is subject to their privacy policy.


We use Modrinth to host our Minecraft projects. Data, services, and downloads from Modrinth may be embedded to enhance the user experience. Modrinth is owned and operated by Rinth, Inc. and is subject to their privacy policy.


This website is developed using Starlight which is a documentation framework built using AstroJS. AstroJS is subject to their privacy policy.