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Dependency Info

This documentation is for the Bookshelf mod! You can download the mod here.

If you are a player, modpack dev, or datapack dev you can install Bookshelf as you would any other mod. If you plan to develop a new mod using Bookshelf you will need to add Bookshelf as a build dependency. This will add Bookshelf to your development environment and also give you access to sources and javadocs.

Gradle Dependency

This project is hosted on the BlameJared maven, you will need to add this repository to your Gradle configurations so it can find and download the necessary files. Make sure to replace the platform, minecraft version, and mod version.

repositories {
maven {
url ''
dependencies {
// Pick the one for your platform. Common is Mojmap with no modloader.
// implementation "net.darkhax.bookshelf:Bookshelf-Common-1.20.4:23.0.8"
// implementation "net.darkhax.bookshelf:Bookshelf-Fabric-1.20.4:23.0.8"
// implementation "net.darkhax.bookshelf:Bookshelf-Forge-1.20.4:23.0.8"
// implementation "net.darkhax.bookshelf:Bookshelf-NeoForge-1.20.4:23.0.8"
implementation "net.darkhax.bookshelf:Bookshelf-PLATFORM-MC_VERSION:MOD_VERSION"