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Built-in Tips

This documentation is for the Tips mod! You can download the mod here.

This table includes every tip that is included with the base mod. The tip ID can be used to disable the tip by adding it to the ignoredTips section of your config file.

Tip IDText
tipsmod:animal_growingFeeding baby animals will make them grow up sooner.
tipsmod:arthropodsSpiders, Silverfish, Bees, and Endermites all take damage from Bane of Arthropods.
tipsmod:axolotl_foodAxolotls like to eat tropical fish.
tipsmod:azalea_cavesAzalea trees grow above the lush cave biomes.
tipsmod:baby_panda_slimeballFormat error: Baby Pandas have a 0.1% chance to drop a slimeball after they sneeze.
tipsmod:barrelBarrels are a convenient alternative to chests.
tipsmod:bed_explodeTrying to sleep in other dimensions will end poorly.
tipsmod:bed_respawnSleeping in a bed will set your spawn point.
tipsmod:biome_bonemealUsing bone meal on grass blocks can give different types of flowers.
tipsmod:biome_fishingFishing in a Jungle can give you different items compared to fishing in other biomes.
tipsmod:blaze_fuelBlaze rods are good fuel for furnaces.
tipsmod:blaze_snowballBlazes take damage from snowballs.
tipsmod:boat_jumpBy placing a boat in lava you can make a temporary platform.
tipsmod:boat_passengerBoats can carry two passengers.
tipsmod:bucket_friendsFish and Axolotls can be safely picked up using buckets.
tipsmod:bucket_renameRenaming a bucket with a mob inside will rename that mob as well.
tipsmod:coarse_to_dirtCoarse Dirt can be converted into normal dirt using a hoe.
tipsmod:combatZombies dislike it when you stab them with a sword.
tipsmod:cooked_dropsAnimals killed by fire damage usually drop cooked food.
tipsmod:creeper_catCreepers are afraid of cats and will run away from them.
tipsmod:creeper_drops_discIf a Skeleton’s or Stray’s arrow kills a Creeper, the Creeper drops a random music disc.
tipsmod:crouch_blocksSneaking/Crouching will prevent you from falling off the side of blocks.
tipsmod:deflect_ghast_fireballsYou can deflect Ghast Fireballs by attacking them.
tipsmod:dog_healthThe lower a dog’s tail, the less health they have left.
tipsmod:dog_rotten_fleshYou can heal your dogs by feeding them Rotten Flesh.
tipsmod:dragon_blocksIron Bars, End Stone, and Obsidian are immune to damage from the Ender Dragon.
tipsmod:dripstone_lavaPointed dripstone below lava will slowly drip lava particles. This can be used to fill a cauldron.
tipsmod:end_dimensionYou cannot leave the end dimension without defeating the ender dragon.. or dying.
tipsmod:enderman_blocksEnderman can move blocks like dirt, sand, and TNT!
tipsmod:endermitesThere is a small chance that an Endermite will spawn when an Enderpearl lands.
tipsmod:fall_damage_blocksSome blocks like water and hay can reduce fall damage.
tipsmod:fishing_resourcesFishing is a great way to get high level enchanted books.
tipsmod:fortress_triangulationYou can triangulate stronghold locations by summoning eyes of ender from two different locations and tracking where they intersect.
tipsmod:fossilsLarge fossils are buried under swamps and deserts.
tipsmod:four_eggsHatching chicken eggs can spawn four chickens on very rare occasions.
tipsmod:freezing_leatherLeather armor can protect against freezing damage.
tipsmod:goat_milkGoats can be milked using a bucket.
tipsmod:gravity_torchFalling blocks like sand and gravel instantly break when falling onto a torch.
tipsmod:hitting_obsidianIt takes roughly 4 minutes to break an obsidian block by hand.
tipsmod:iron_golem_healIron Golems can be healed by giving them iron ingots.
tipsmod:job_site_dimensionVillagers lose their job site when changing dimensions.
tipsmod:lavaLike any items, buckets will burn in lava, but not when it is IN the bucket.
tipsmod:lava_fuelLava Buckets can be used as fuel in the Furnace.
tipsmod:lure_animalsYou can lure animals into following you by holding a food they like.
tipsmod:mean_goatsBe careful around goats. They like to push players and other animals off cliffs.
tipsmod:mooshroom_lightningA red mooshroom will become a brown mooshroom, and a brown mooshroom will become a red one, when struck by lightning.
tipsmod:mushroom_biome_spawnsHostile mobs cannot spawn in a mushroom biome.
tipsmod:mushroom_placementMushrooms can only be placed on blocks where there’s no direct sunlight.
tipsmod:nether_lavaLava will spread faster in the nether.
tipsmod:nether_spongeWet sponges will immediately dry when placed in the nether.
tipsmod:note_block_instrumentThe instrument of a Note Block is determined by the block underneath it.
tipsmod:ore_tiersSome ores have a minimum required pickaxe tier to mine them.
tipsmod:peaceful_tntTNT cannot damage players in peaceful mode.
tipsmod:piglin_goldPiglins really love gold.
tipsmod:piglin_repellentPiglins are scared of soul fire blocks including the Soul Torch and Soul Lantern.
tipsmod:poison_immuneZombies, Skeletons, and Spiders are all immune to poison damage.
tipsmod:portal_trickBy using water and lava buckets you can make an easy nether portal.
tipsmod:scrap_nuggetsGold and Iron tools/armor can be smelted into nuggets.
tipsmod:shear_mooshroomYou can shear a mooshroom to turn it into a normal cow.
tipsmod:shulker_armorShulkers take significantly more damage when their shells are open.
tipsmod:shulker_golemShulkers are considered a type of Golem.
tipsmod:sitting_petsSitting pets will remain seated when sinking in water until they drown or you right-click them.
tipsmod:skullsWither Skeletons are known to lose their heads.
tipsmod:smoke_beesPlacing a Campfire beneath a Bee Nest will make those Bees passive.
tipsmod:snow_golem_trailYou can harvest infinite snowballs from a snow golem’s trail.
tipsmod:sponge_bucketWet Sponge can be dried in a furnace by cooking it. If there is an empty bucket in the fuel slot the bucket will catch the water!
tipsmod:string_woolString can be crafted in a 2x2 to make wool.
tipsmod:swamp_slimesSlimes can spawn in swamps during a full moon.
tipsmod:swimIf you stay under water too long you may drown.
tipsmod:turtle_shellTurtles only drop scutes when a baby grows into an adult.
tipsmod:undead_damageUndead mobs like Skeletons are damaged by health potions and healed by damage potions.
tipsmod:undead_helmetUndead mobs will not burn in daylight if they are wearing a helmet.
tipsmod:villager_sweatVillagers sweat when trying to trade with them during a raid.
tipsmod:wandering_invisWandering traders drink invisibility potions at night.
tipsmod:water_grassWater can quickly break grass patches and get seeds.
tipsmod:wax_copperHoneycombs can be used to wax copper blocks. This prevents them from oxidizing.
tipsmod:weather_sleepSleeping will clear up the sky and stop storm or rain.
tipsmod:westThe Sun, Moon, and Stars all move towards the west.
tipsmod:witch_conversionVillagers will become witches when struck by lightning.
tipsmod:wooden_tool_fuelOld Wooden tools can be used as fuel in the Furnace.
tipsmod:zombie_armorZombies have two base points of armor, even when they are not wearing any.