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Enchantment Descriptions

This documentation is for the Enchantment Descriptions mod! You can download the mod here.

Enchantment Descriptions aims to clarify enchantments by adding descriptions of their effects to enchanted items. Most modded enchantments are also supported!

Enchantment descriptions being displayed on an enchanted sword.


Enchantment Descriptions is available in over 15 languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and French! If you are fluent in another language and would like to help translate the mod to even more languages please check out our language file on GitHub.


Enchantment descriptions will use the enchdesc.json file for configuration options. Like most mods, the config file can be found in your games config folder.

  • Directory.minecraft
    • Directoryconfig
      • enchdesc.json
    • Directorylogs/
    • Directorymods/
    • Directoryresourcepacks/
    • Directorysaves/


The enchdesc.json file is a simple text file that can be edited using notepad, nano, textedit, or any other text editor program. Inside the file you will see the following options.

enableModtrueDetermines if the mod and its features are enabled or not.
onlyDisplayOnBooksfalseWhen enabled, descriptions will only display on enchanted books.
onlyDisplayInEnchantingTablefalseWhen enabled, descriptions will only display inside the enchanting table GUI.
requireKeybindPressfalseWhen enabled, you must hold the crouch keybind down to see descriptions.
indentSize0The amount of spaces to indent descriptions by.
style{“color”:“dark_gray”}Sets the visual style of the description in game. Learn more about styles here.

Adding/Modifying Descriptions

This mod uses Minecraft’s built in language system to find descriptions. This allows mods and resource packs to easily add or modify descriptions without any code. Descriptions use a translation key that is based on the ID of the enchantment. The format is similar to the key used by Minecraft to define the enchantments name.

The format is enchantment.{namespace}.{path}.desc. For example the minecraft:sharpness enchantment would use the localization key of enchantment.minecraft.sharpness.desc. You can find an example resource pack that does this here. If you are a mod developer adding support in your own mod, you should use your mods pre-existing resource pack.