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Styles allow you to customize how a piece of text appears in game. They allow you to change the color, font, and many other properties of the text.


color#FF00FF or dark_blueSets the color of the text. Supports a hex code or a Text Color.
boldtrueMakes the text bold like this.
italictrueMakes the text italicized like this.
underlinedtrueAdds an underline or underscore to the text.
strikethroughtrueAdds a strike through the center of the text.
obfuscatedtrucateMakes the text cycle through different characters quickly, making it nearly unreadable.
insertionHello world!An optional piece of text that is inserted into the players chat window when the text is shift clicked. Only works in some contexts like chat messages.
fontminecraft:alt Renders the text using an alternative font. Supports vanilla fonts and ones added by mods.

Example JSON

"color": "#0d9488",
"bold": true,
"italic": true,
"underlined": true,
"strikethrough": true,
"obfuscated": true,
"insertion": "Hello world!",
"font": "minecraft:alt"


Vanilla Fonts

  • minecraft:default - The standard minecraft font.
  • minecraft:alt - The enchantment font, also known as the standard galactic alphabet (SGA).
  • minecraft:illageralt - The font used by Illagers in the spin-off game Minecraft Dungeons.

Modded Fonts

The following mods all add new fonts to the game that are compatible with Minecraft styles. Their unique font IDs can be found on their mod pages.