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Key Bindings

Key bindings provide a way for the player to interact with and control the game.

Configurable Key Bindings

This table contains a list of key bindings that the player can configure in the options menu.

Key IDNameDefaultDescription
key.forwardWalk ForwardsWMoves the player forward.
key.leftStrafe LeftAMoves the player left.
key.backWalk BackwardsSMoves the player backwards.
key.rightStrafe RightDMoves the player right.
key.jumpJumpSpaceMoves the player upwards.
key.sneakSneakLeft ShiftMakes the player crouch. This reduces sound and prevents the player from falling off blocks.
key.sprintSprintLeft ControlMakes the player move faster temporarily.
key.attackAttack/DestroyLeft ButtonStarts attacking/destroying the block, entity, or other game object that the player is looking at.
key.pickItemPick BlockMiddle ButtonSelects (or copies in creative) the observed block/entity.
key.useUse Item/Place BlockRight ButtonInteracts with the observed game object or uses the held item.
key.hotbar. + 1-9Hotbar Slot #1 - 9Selects the designated hotbar slot.
key.advancementsAdvancementsLOpens the advancement screen.
key.chatOpen ChatTOpens the chat window.Opens the chat window with the command prefix pre-inserted in chat.
key.commandOpen Command/Opens the chat window with the command prefix pre-inserted in chat.
key.dropDrop Selected ItemQDrops the currently held item, or the hovered item in GUIs.
key.fullscreenToggle FullscreenF11Toggles the game between fullscreen and normal.
key.inventoryOpen/Close InventoryEOpens the inventory.
key.loadToolbarActivatorLoad Hotbar ActivatorXLoads a saved toolbar preset.
key.playerlistList PlayersTabReveals the list of online players.
key.saveToolbarActivatorSave Hotbar ActivatorCSaves a toolbar preset.
key.screenshotTake ScreenshotF2Takes a screenshot.
key.smoothCameraToggle Cinematic CameraNot BoundEnables the smooth flowing camera option.
key.socialInteractionsSocial Interactions ScreenPOpens the social interaction settings screen.
key.spectatorOutlinesHighlight Players (Spectators)Not BoundHighlights players that are in spectator mode.
key.swapOffhandSwap Item With OffhandFSwaps the currently selected item with the offhand item.
key.togglePerspectiveToggle PerspectiveF5Switches betten first person and third person perspectives.